What We Do

A Unique Way of Doing Business


Our Service

American Income Life  McAdams Agency is a Supplemental Benefits agency providing Supplemental Benefits to working class families throughout the State of Maryland. Through our relationship with American Income Life Insurance Company,  the McAdams Agency is able to provide extraordinary benefit services and coverage to families and individuals.  The McAdams Agency has been focused on providing educational services to working families throughout the State of Maryland, while simultaneously offering extraordinary career opportunities in the midst of uncertain economic times.


Our Mission

The McAdams Agency mission is to provide financial security to working class families, while building financial success for working class people with big dreams.  Our mission is also to provide each member with an educational experience, while giving them the opportunity to enroll in programs that will provide their family peace of mind in their worst moments.  Our belief is simple, show the members that we care, speak to them with passion and make sure they are provided an extraordinary service.  By doing this,  it allows us not only to provide our members with extraordinary benefits, it also allows our associates to earn an extraordinary income.

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