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Protecting  Families Through-Out the Southeast

The McAdams Agency was started by Tim R. McAdams in July of 2005, under the umbrella of the Conard Agency of Maryland as part of American Income Life Insurance Company.  Mr. McAdams began his relationship with American Income Life and the Conard Agency in September 2004 as a Benefits Specialist.  During this time, Mr. McAdams was responsible for learning all the various aspects of the supplemental benefits industry, as well as the procedures of American Income Life and the Conard Agency.  Mr. McAdams very quickly grasped the concept of this industry and successfully out produced everyone in the State of Maryland in his first producing month in the business in November 2004.  He went on to also be the top producer in Maryland the following month in December 2004.   As a result of his number one status in December, he placed himself in the top 20 out of nearly 3,000 specialists internationally.

Going into 2005, Mr. McAdams continued rank among the top producers in the company.  His outstanding performance landed him an extraordinary offer. This offer was to take the lead position over the Northern part of Maryland as the Executive Manager. Mr. McAdams graciously accepted that offer.  He was sent to Texas to train with the Top Executives in American Income.  After completion of this training, Mr. McAdams assumed the lead role in the rebuilding of the Northern Maryland sector of the Conard Agency in July 2005.  Within two months, he built his agency to top 10 in the country. By December 2005, Mr. McAdams had earned the honor of MGA (Master General Agent).  This position is considered the highest base level management position within American Income. This promotion was astonishing because he was able to achieve it in four month’s time.

With his new promotion and his agency in full stride, Mr. McAdams set his sight on having a stellar 2006. The goal was to place the McAdams Agency on the American Income map.  That is exactly what happened. With a team of outstanding Specialist and Managers, the McAdams Agency catapulted itself to the #1 agency in Maryland for 7 out of the first 9 months of 2006.  This performance grabbed the attention of the Executives of American Income. They realized that perhaps the McAdams Agency could play an even more vital role in the growth of the company.  With that objective, the road to Georgia began. The company began monitoring the Agency’s numbers to see if the business could sustain.

By the end of 2006, the McAdams Agency finished number one in the State 9 out of 12 months.  They also finished in the top 30 for the year against over 250 management agencies internationally. All of this was accomplished by an unbelievably talented team of individuals. One of which earned the honor of Agent of the Year in Maryland during the great year of 2006. For an agency in its first year of operation this was pretty incredible. Incredible enough that American Income started heavily considering the possibility of making Mr. McAdams a State Director.

In the spring of 2007, Mr. McAdams was promoted to State Regional Manager. This gave Mr. McAdams the opportunity to work directly with the State Director in running the business. This gave Mr. McAdams the opportunity to gain the invaluable experience of assisting in running the business from a Director’s standpoint. With production growing in the State and the McAdams Agency’s continual growth, American Income decided to offer Mr. McAdams the promotion, that so many felt he so rightfully deserved, to become a State Director.   After the promotion was official the only thing left was to determine an area to build the Agency.  After company and individual research, it was decided that Atlanta, Georgia would be the new home of McAdams Agency.

January 21, 2008 was the 1st day of business for the McAdams Agency in the State of Georgia. Mr. McAdams took a unique approach to starting his agency, he decided to build his Georgia Agency from Scratch. The first day of business Mr. McAdams was the only person who worked for the McAdams Agency. There were no Administrators, Agents or Managers. Mr. McAdams decided he was going to hire and build a team alone. By the end of February 2008 the agency had successfully built a team of Administrators, Agents and future managers. The agency finished its first year generating over 1 million dollars in production. These results allowed the agency to finish #4 internationally in the category of “Percentage of Standard”.

The agency has continued to show incredible growth year after year. Highlighted at the end of 2010 when American Income decided to vote Mr. McAdams onto the companies Executive Council. This is the most prestigious honor that a State Director can be bestowed. Utilizing the momentum of back to back to back growth years, the agency is presently focused on expanding with offices throughout the State of Georgia and surrounding states.

Story to be continued…………


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