The McAdams Agencies

Protecting  Families Through-Out the Southeast


The McAdams Agency has been providing benefits to working families since September 2004. Working through relationships that have been cultivated by American Income Life,  the McAdams Agency provides supplemental benefits to working class organizations such as:  Unions,  Credit Unions,  Associations,  Licensed Professionals,  School Groups, and many other organizations throughout the State.  The Agency offers multiple benefits, no cost and cost, designed to preserve and protect working families during their most difficult times.

In addition to providing extraordinary benefits services, the McAdams Agency, through the vision and ambition of American Income, is also in the process of going through a statewide expansion.  The Agency is currently in the process of training and developing leaders in preparation to open office locations throughout the State of Maryland as well as targeted surrounding States.

The combination of providing extraordinary benefits to families in need, and providing career opportunities in the midst of an uncertain economic time,  has allowed the McAdams Agency of American Income to achieve astounding growth.  The McAdams Agency is more than just a Supplemental Benefits Agency, the Agency is an Empowerment Agency providing Empowerment to the policyholders in the form of education and Empowerment to the associates through financial prosperity and career advancement.                                                                                                               

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